Zigbee2mqtt mapping for SONOFF SNZB-04 and range extend

Hi experts,

Quite new to HA and migrating from jeedom to HA a couple of weeks ago.
My first impression is very positive also it was not so simple to decide for a plarform/installation.
The big change is also moving from zwave to zigbee.
I’m running on a pi4 with HAOS (2022.12.8 & OS 9.4) and zigbee2mqtt with SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus-E.
I’m running a couple of fresh new zigbee devices here is the list :
6x SONOFF SNZB-04 (Door contact)
6x NOOS TS011F power plug (router)
1x Lixee Zlinky.

I have an issue with the mesh architecture of my network.
I would expect my SONOFF SNZB-04 to mesh with the NOOS power plug (router).
This is not case, all my 6x SONOFF SNZB-04 are directly linked to the USB coordinator.
See attach picture (ZigbeeOK).
At the same time i was writing this post, 3x SNZB-04 devices have disappear from my network…
See attach picure (ZigbeeKOwithMissingDevices)

With the help of this forum, i have done a bunch of troubleshooting :

  • Wifi channel optimization (1 and 6)
  • Zigbee channel to 26 with repair of all devices
  • Antenna orientation for the SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 dongle

Any advices of what is wrong in my network ?

Thanks for your help and almost a happy new year for 2023.


As a newbie :slight_smile: i can only have 1x image attached in a post.
Here is the network after 3x SNZB-04 have disappeared…