Zigbee2mqtt not working anymore after power failure

I’ve got HA turning on RPi4 with conbee2.
I’ve had everything working concerning Zigbee with mosquitto Broker, Zigbee2mqtt and MQTT integration. Few days ago I had power failure and the IP of the Rpi changed de in I didn’t noticed, and begon changing setting and removing ikea lamps. After that i saw that the problem came from the IP and changed it in as a fix ip adres.
I dont have failure notifications, but only few zigbee elements are working and all the others not??? And I can’t add new devices.
Somebody got any idea??

Post your logs as text inside code blocks instead of screenshots please? Its near impossible to read the logs inside the pictures on a mobile device.

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How do I copy and paste them?

no problem.
Whatever text you’re goign to paste, enclose in triple backticks “```”

Your code or log or whatever will come out like this:

my code here

(Also you may want to go back to your original post and delete any screenshot that includes all or part of your zigbee network key -its very unlikely but someone could hijack your Zigbee network with it, so don’t include it in future posts. Or if you do treat it like a password and redact it.)

That said, I looked at the screenies on my pc, you are correct Zigbee is running properly - also if SOME are working and others aren’t (and they were previously) it’s almost positively not a config issue with HA and or Zigbee(2mqtt) itself. It’s FAR more likely to be a routing problem. (Your IP address thing may have been the aggravating factor but that’s not likely the issue anymore.)

What’s your Zigbee network map look like? (That IS ok for a screenshot :slight_smile: )

Some are working and detecting movements, opening door and others do not anymore. Can’t add new devices anymore also…

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Oof ok yeah, this smells like a signal strength / and or repeater issue. Are ALL of those battery powered devices Xiaomi? Or rather those POWER and FIRE devices - specifically what are they?

Xiaomi devices are cheap - but they have some limitations, specifically they dont play nice with repeaters that aren’t Xiaomi and you usually have to end up building a repeater mesh around them. It’s doable, but I personally won’t use them because of this. So I’m wondering what kind of repeater devices those are. The symptom: devices drop off for no good reason…

Also - that’s a LOT of battery powered devices per repeating devices… In contrast, my setup is about 2 battery powered devices per every 1 powered device. If they’re clustered around small spaces it may be fine but, how big is this space and how far are they from the nearest mains-powered device like those POWER or FIRE devices?

(also, you still need to edit your first post and delete those screenshots numbered 13 and 14 - its a safety thing, get your network keys out of there.)

Hi, all door, water, movement and fire devices are Xiaomi/Aqara. All the lights, I’ve deleted to connect out of home assistant, because we had to need them working.
Before the power failure, i haven’t had any issue without any of those devices since I changed for zigbee2mqtt. It’s a tiny house so all devices are at very small distance.
Problems are started since power failure. Normaly there are 8 lights bulbs/panels from Ikea, 7 remotes Ikea, 8 door sensors, 4 vibration sensors, 6 movement sensors, 3 fire sensors, 4 water sensors, 4 power supplies, 3 wireless buttons. All devices are Xiaomi/Aqara.
I even can not connect my Ikea devices anymore at the moment?? Same for the power supply that i’ve deleted for testing if i could join it after.
Everything turns on Rpi4 8GB with SSD. The conbee 2 is not connected directly but with a cable. The RPi4 is about in the middle of the tiny house. the tiny house is about 36 m² or 380 ft². The largest distance from the center of the house is about 3.5 m or 12 ft from the Rpi4.

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