Zigbee2mqtt on separate device?

I’m considering putting MQTT and zigbee2mqtt on a separate device to my HA device and just wondering whether there might be any particular advantages/disadvantages t this.

The reason I’m considering this is that if find my zigbee network a bit flaky. Eg, switches need to be reconnected from time to time, delays between button presses and lights reacting. I’m using the Sonoff dongle ‘Plus’ with the 2652P SOC.

My HA is running in a VM on a server with more than enough memory and CPU power. I’m considering putting zigbee2mqtt and MQTT either on a Raspberry Pi or possibly another VM.

Grateful for any thoughts on this approach.

And how does moving it solve the problem? Have you performed troubleshooting?

This right here …

Is your machine bogging down? Or, is the Zigbee network too spread out?