Zigbee2mqtt payload not received

Im trying to set up the Woox R7051 siren as shown in this guide : Woox R7051 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

Publishing to zigbee2mqtt/allarme/set
with payload {“warning”: {“mode”: “burglar” , “level”: “very_high” , “strobe_level”: “very_high” , “strobe”: “true” , “strobe_duty_cycle”: “10” , “duration”: “3600”}}

Does nothing the alarm doesnt trigger and even when i try to change the values in the zigbee2mqtt interface after page refresh they are gone.

I think there is a problem that my siren does not receive the payload. Any ideea?


I am experiencing the same. I can trigger the alarm in Zigbee2mqtt, but not from Home Assistant.

Was so happy at first when the device joined without any issues. Unfortunately not much joy afterwards as I can only set the sound level and duration from Home Assistant, but that’s about it.

Any suggestions out there?