Zigbee2MQTT Permit join error

So I get Zigbee2MQTT up and running, but when I try to use the “Permit join” button for pairing a device I get the following error

> Request 'zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/permit_join' failed with error: 'SREQ '--> ZDO - mgmtPermitJoinReq - {"addrmode":15,"dstaddr":65532,"duration":254,"tcsignificance":0}' failed with status '(0xc2: NWK_INVALID_REQUEST)' (expected '(0x00: SUCCESS)')'

Any thoughts on this?

Do you have ZHA installed as well?

You can only use one or the other.

I do have ZHA installed, it’s what runs my entire lighting setup. So I would need to switch everything to Zigbee2MQTT?

ZHA and Zigbee2mqtt each require exclusive access to your coordinator. So yeah on or the other.

Or you could buy a second coordinator.


Okay, thanks for the info. Would you say Zigbee2MQTT is more flexible and probably the better way to go in the long run?

That’s really a loaded question. It depends on your particular use cases. In my case, I have some devices that aren’t supported by ZHA (or would need additional quirks to get working properly). I also have a disconnected HA stack, meaning I run HA Container in a separate docker instance, Z2M (and ZWave2JS) is running in another docker stack on a separate machine and MQTT is also running in another docker stack on yet another machine. So, for me, ZHA is out of the question because I maintain separate instances of pretty much everything. I also prefer Z2M because they seem to add devices faster than ZHA does and I tend to buy some weird, niche devices.

In terms of performance, I think they both perform about the same (I have no evidence to suggest otherwise), but I do find that editing devices is easier in Z2M than ZHA.

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This is sort of my case. I have been using ZHA and I like it for it’s simplicity, but I recent purchased a Phillips Hue wall dial that doesn’t really work with ZHA. Someone made a blueprint for the device but I need Z2M to use it.