Zigbee2mqtt Phillips hue

Hello everyone, I’m trying to migrate my Phillips hue bridge to my zigbee2mqtt I already have 3 succesfull paired devices with Zigbee2Mqtt, I read about phillips hue, but I can’t “find the way to reset” my phillips hue, i tried turning of/on several times and does not “flash” ( I have the bridge for the first generation, V1)
I tried reseting the HUE bridge and all my lights gone, but I can’t see anything in the logs from Zigbee2Mqtt I was reading the “supported devices” and there is phillips hue but not my type of bulb
9290002265A but i was reading in other place that is compatible under Zigbee id LCT007 but under my huawei bridge is LCT001 no luck so far, I would like to get ride off my bridge any help? Thanks a lot!!


I think you need the phillips remote to reset a bulb, do a search on youtube, a guy on there shows you how. I actually had to buy a remote to unpair the bulbs from the hub so I could pair with zigbee2mqtt.

EDIT: found the youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvlEAELiJKs

This works as I have done it.


use touchlink :

I read about it, i have the add on installed, so I’m not sure how to send this command, do you know by chance how i can do it from the add on? I can’t find any info using the add on :hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:
Thanks a lot

Go to developer tools -> services


topic should be zigbee2mqtt/bridge/config/touchlink/factory_reset (part is hidden in the screenshot)
and click on publish

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Omg amazing, thank you so much, i will try it :pray:t5: