Zigbee2MQTT possibility to extend signal?

Hy there,

i’m looking for some help.
I’ve got a multiple floor house and i try to extend my zigbee2mqtt signal all over every floor.
so im wondering if there is any posibility like i did with a ESP32 Board (on the ground floor) and ESP Home to extend my bluetooth signal with Bluetooth Proxy configuration that use WiFi connection to send the information inside my network to my HA Hub (located on the third floor).

Of course my signal strenght from the devices on the ground floor are something about 40 so very bad… is there anything i can do to create an other USB Dongle or something like that in the other floors to strenght up the signal?

curently i’m using SkyConnect as usb dongle.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Zigbee is a Mesh system so ensuring you have enough repeaters will strengthen you range.

Not over a IP network (i.e. not over WiFi or Ethernet like you can do with Bluetooth proxy). If so then it will be two completly seperate Zigbee networks that have no connection to each other at the Zigbee level.

You can instead only do it over native Zigbee radio using Zigbee Router devices (also known as Zigbee repeaters/expanders), see → Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference + optimize using Zigbee Router devices (repeaters/extenders) to get a stable network with best possible range and coverage

If you have connected ethernet cabling across the floors then you could use a zigbee over ethernet solution

i have ethernet connection across the floors.
so how would the hardware/software setup looking?

in HA im using zigbee2mqtt are those mentioned zigbee repeater working with the zigbee2mqtt?
And just for understanding if for example i would use the ikea signal repeater, and plug in on the ground floor how it will be recognized from my HA Hub that is on the top floor?

just search zigbee-over-ethernet ??
Extend zigbee via ethernet? - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

Not to several locations. The is no such thing called a ”Zigbee over network” or ”Zigbee over IP” solution in the world of Zigbee. You can use a so called remote Zigbee Coordinator adapter but it is really over a serial over IP solution that allow you to place your Zigbee Coordinator adapter in a other location than then Zigbee Gateway application. You can still only have one Zigbee Coordinator per Zigbee network, and only one Zigbee network/coordinator per Zigbee Gateway. But yes you can setup one instance of the ZHA integration and once instance of Zigbee2MQTT or two instances of Zigbee2MQTT as long as each have their own Zigbee Coordinator adapter, then each is its own Zigbee Gateway that will each have its totally separate Zigbee network mesh, (that is the same as using one Philips Hue Hub and an IKEA Tradfri Gateway in the same house, where both can be integrated with Home Assistent but their Zigbee devices do not interact or know about each other in any So no, you can not span a single Zigbee network between two locations using one or more Zigbee network adapters. That fact is covered in ZHA integration introdution and limitations sections:

You can have multiple Zigbee networks. It just requires multiple coordinators, and multiple Zigbee2MQTT installations.

Lots of good advice here, but for somebody new to the world of zigbee:

  • Zigbee is a mesh network of its own:
    Every mains connected zigbee device extend the network reach
  • Bottom-line: Every zigbee power plug and light bulb you add to your network act as a router and extend its reach.
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