Zigbee2mqtt really slow after move to unraid from esxi

I had been running HA as a VM on esxi for a while, maybe a year or so. I had z2m and zha running together, all was well. I built a new unraid server and HA was the last thing still running on my ESXI host, so yesterday i moved it.

i took a full backup of the HA ESXi VM and shut it down
moved the USB dongles over to the unraid server (they all go through a USB hub, not sure if that matters)
passed the USB devices through to the VM on unraid
turned on the VM on unraid, restored my backup.

zha came up right away once the restore finished. devices all respond just as fast as before.
z2m didnt start. i had to restart the HA VM then Z2M came up. no big deal. this was about 10pm last night (18ish hours ago).

since then, Z2M performance has been awful. Ive made no changes to wifi, zha, anything else i can think of that would interfere with my z2m network. it was lightning fast and rock solid as a VM on esxi, but its been sooooo slow since i moved it all to unraid.

i can watch motion sensor blink the light, indicating it sees motion, but then it can take 10-15 seconds, sometimes longer, for HA to see the state change. Sometimes commands completely fail, but every once in a while itll work how it should (though thats maybe 10% of the time or less right now). Ive got 2 bulbs outside that were supposed to turn off at sunrise that i cant turn off in HA. ill powercycle them later, that might help, but they arent reachable on the network.

again, no changes to anything zigbee (zha or z2m) related, just moved HA from esxi to unraid.

what do i need to look at? I can watch in z2m and itll tell me a command failed but im not sure what detailed logs i need to look at to find the root cause. ive restarted z2m and HA several times but performance is still really shaky.

does it just need time to settle in? the coordinator didnt change, the HA config didnt change, i just moved to a new host so i cant imagine any network changes/mesh rebuilds are needed, right?

any tips, suggestions, ideas would be much appreciated. I dont want to move it back to my r430 just to run HA (or mess with additonal hardware besides my unraid server), ive gotta have an issue somewhere that i just cant find.