Zigbee2mqtt scenes into HA

I’ve read a lot of documentation on getting zigbee2mqtt scenes to work in HA however it seems to have a changed over time and I am having no luck - I know the zigbee scenes are faster and more efficient than if I build them in HA but unable to get them across. Sorry if I’m missing something very obvious, I’m fairly new to HA and zigbee2mqtt. Thanks for any help

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If you can post your Home Assistant yaml and zigbee2mqtt MQTT JSON that you are using / seeing published to zigbee2mqtt by HA, that would help folks understand your question. The program MQTTExplorer is a useful tool to see MQTT data being published. Make sure to use the ‘markup’ tags when you post this information, so that it gets formatted in a way that is accurate. Indents, spaces and such can make a difference, especially in YAML data.

I’m not sure that zigbee2mqtt ‘scenes’ are faster than Home Assistant Automations, maybe in very complex and large combos of zigbee devices. Can you describe the zigbee devices you are trying to control and their numbers?

At the lowest level, zigbee groups and endpoints are the best you can do for performance and synchronization. Note this is a zigbee function, not a zigbee2mqtt function. However zigbee2mqtt does allow you to create/modify and control these zigbee functions.


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Late reply. Found this when googling for a solution to list all scenes for a group in zigbee2mqtt (did not find any solution).
The scenes you create in Z2M are available to use in NodeRED. I recommend using that instead of HA scenes and HA Automations. A lot easier since it’s more visual.
I have a room with 16 hue bulbs that need to turn on a certain time every night or when a Hue dimmer is clicked. I constantly had problems with not all lights turning on/off or not all of them changing to the correct scene when activated. No problems at all with Zigbee2MQTT and NodeRED in HA.
I also use a USB Zigbee stick and not the Hue hub anymore since I have a lot more than the 64 supported devices from Hue.
It really grinds my gears then Hue does not sell a “pro” version of their hub. Not everyone lives in an apartment. A house quickly uses up all the bulbs/dimmers/motion sensors.

FYI, I have been working on a PR to add auto-discovery support for scenes to Zigbee2MQTT, should be merged soon: Home Assistant discovery improvements (including scenes) by mundschenk-at · Pull Request #19838 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

Edit: It has now been merged in to the dev branch and will be in the next release 1.34.0.


Hi, I see this is already merged, could you please give me an example how to use that?

Well, your ZigBee scenes will show up as scene entities in Home Assistant. Not sure what you mean by “example” in this context?

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Thanks a lot for extremely fast response, I have just found that out few seconds ago on my own. I see them there. Thanks a lot!