Zigbee2MQTT skip update permanently?

Hi there.

I have an annoying issue with my zigbee2mqtt instance.
After every restart of my server it comes up with an update notice for two zigbee devices - which I can’t / don’t want to update.

I’ve already disabled the automatic update check and also tried to remove the update part from the zigbee2mqtt/state.json file. After a restart of home assistant the update part is back and the update shows under settings.

Any idea how I can skip the update permanently?

Thank you in advance!

Did you also disable all the update entities? There’s an entity for every device starting with “update.”, which checks if an update is available. I’m not sure, but I think this entity triggers your update notification

Not sure if I understand you correctly. I can’t find an OTA or update setting on the device settings within zigbee2mqtt.
The entities binary_sensor.homeserver_update_available and binary_sensor.briefkasten_update_available are both disabled. I can’t find an entity starting with update, but I guess you were talking about the ones I have mentioned.

Just in case anyone else comes accross this - I finally figured it out and feel kinda dump now…

The hint by @shpongledsummer was actually correct!

While I was searching for the entity update.homeserver (under settings → devices/entities), which I couldn’t find, I figured finally out, that I can just press the wrench button on the update screen:

And then I was able to disable the entity…