Zigbee2mqtt Stopped Working after Downtime

Yesterday, my HA server was down for about 12 hours due simply to the machine being turned off accidentally. When I turned it back on, I also took the opportunity to upgrade the version of VirtualBox that I’m using to host the VM.

After starting back up, everything is working as expected, except for my zigbee devices. About half of the devices were labeled as disabled, and when I try to reconfigure them I simply get an error saying “device cannot be reconfigured.”

An example from the logs:

MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/bridge/response/device/configure’, payload ‘{“data”:{“id”:“Bedroom Motion”},“error”:“Device ‘Bedroom Motion’ cannot be configured”,“status”:“error”,“transaction”:“6q7et-1”}’

Is there any way that I can trouble shoot this? I’m not really enthused about force deleting all of my devices.

For the mains powered devices try operating them locally - that is, use any button on them to turn them on/off - or power cycle them.

For battery powered devices, once the mains powered devices work, push the little pair/wake button on them to wake them up.