Zigbee2Mqtt stops working

I have a problem with Zigbee in HA. I installed the Add-Ons Zigbee2mqtt (1.29.2-1), Mosquito (6.13), HA on Raspi ( 2023.1.6).
Zigbee stops working randomly. I cannot read/write devices.
The i restart Z2B and MQTT. Everything is working well then for a time.
Does anybody has this too?

Thanks for any suggestions


you need to post logs.

what type of USB radio are you using?

I use the sonoff Zigbee 3.0

Which logs you mean? Zigbee2mqtt or HA?

If you are having trouble with z2m crashing I would start posting logs from z2m from right before and after a crash.

I do have the same dongle and the same problem. I did read about more people having this problem with this dongle in combination with Z2M
The logs are yellow just before this happening.
I try to find some logic.
Until know it happens when I lose a device disconnected (I’m not sure, thats the only situation)
EDIT: This is not the case. I just did loose a device and Z2M is still running

here is the z2m Logfile

I finaly decide to switch to Zigbee intergration (ZA) this works stabil