Zigbee2mqtt strange Home Assistant UI glitch/error

I’m having trouble with editing the config for the zigbee2mqtt addon. Every time I use the Home Assistant UI to edit the config file, when I click in the text area, it seems to paste in/duplicate some of the existing config entries and add whitespace at the top. Editing the config file directly also (using Samba to access the file) doesn’t seem to have any effect on the config file loaded in the Home Assistant UI.

I’ve checked and other addons seem to allow config file editing just fine. I’ve tried completely removing and re-adding the zigbee2mqtt addon but it still has the same issue. Now after restoring a backup from a snapshot, I’ve lost all my devices in zigbee2mqtt.

Posting here in case there’s something I can do to fix this or if anyone else is having the same or similar issues?

Can you post a screenrecord?

Here’s a recording of what’s happening:

Just clicking in empty space causes this for some reason. Is this a Home Assistant issue?

That’s very strange indeed, I have never encountered that issue with any add-on. I also use zigbee2mqtt btw.

Did you try a different browser? Also, do you use an sd-card?
Since you mentioned you also tried editing the .yaml through samba and it doesn’t load the changes, you might want to try burning a new sd card. Perhaps your sd card is corrupted.

Still, very weird that this only happens with zigbee2mqtt.

Yeah very odd. I actually use an SSD connected via USB and I can edit the config of other add-ons just fine, no issues. Since it’s using the Home Assistant UI I’m assuming the issue isnt with the add-on. It also does the same in the Home Assistant android app.

Unless someone knows why this is happening and can help I might just have to reinstall home assistant although I’d be restoring a backup and would hate to still have the issue after all the work of setting everything up again. Thanks for reply.