Zigbee2MQTT together with deconz integration

Hello everyone, I would like to install Zigbee2MQTT on home assistant where deconz integration is already installed. I have a conbee II gateway.

Do you know if it is possible to have the two integrations working at the same time with the same gateway?

My problem is that with deconz I cannot see all the entities of an aqara motion sensor P1 device. I would like to try with Zigbee2MQTT.

Thank you

You can only have one integration for each coordinator/gateway. If you would like to run both deconz and Z2M you need two coordinators.


Hi khvwj8,
thank you for your answer.

I have several devices under deconz.
If I want to try Zigbee2MQTT, can I try to disable deconz and then install Zigbee2MQTT?
So in case I have problems with Zigbee2MQTT, can I go back and re-enable deconz?

Then if I want to migrate to Zigbee2MQTT what can I do? Just uninstall deconz?

Never tried,
If you make a backup you might be able to reinstall deconz, however I’m unsure if the devices will need re-pairing as they get a new network.

If you want to go for Z2M, just uninstall deconz, reboot and follow the install instructions for Z2M. Remember not to install ZHA, it will auto detect during re-start…

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Ok, I’ll try to make a backup and SD card image.
Eventually I’ll pair again all devices.

I hope to do it! :wink:

Thank you! :+1:

What entities are you lacking?

Hi Robban,
Using deconz I’m not able to adjust sensitivity of motion sensor (Aqara Motion sensor P1) because not present . Then i don’t see the lux entity of sensor.

Is it you who is the Matteo posting here? Aqara Motion Sensor P1 · Issue #5967 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

If not then you should comment on the issue

No, i had only this post.

is the first time that I add a issue in this blog.

But i can read other comment, probably many People have had the same issue.

Thank you