Zigbee2MQTT Transfer between HA

Probably something very simple, but for the life of me I can’t see the obvious solution.
I’m transferring to HA Yellow and have moved my Zigbee2MQTT installation. Being lazy I copied the backup file from old to new machine thinking this would enable me to avoid having to re-install all my devices. And it has. Eveything in the Zigbee2MQTT environment appears and is reporting status successfully. What is not happening is I can’t see the devices in HA. I can’t see what configuration is required to have them showing in HA. I didn’t think I had to manually define them for the MQTT integration, I thought there was an automatic publishing by the add on, but maybe that only happens on setting up a new device the first time round rather that what I have attempted. Anyone have a similar experience?

They should appear without you doing anything. Is

homeassistant: true

set in the add-on ?

If so, see if a reboot helps.

Yes, came across that in the documentation and checked to see if it was there and it is.trying the forced restart. I’m wondering if there might be a rename with the entities going on.