Zigbee2mqtt - Tuya Smart Scene Switch 4 Gang w/ 12 scene

I defined this automation for the device when configured as a 12-scene switch, as opposed to the dimmer. You may follow the instructions here: TuYa TS004F control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT to change the profile your device follows from a dimmer to a switch to expose 12 scenes. This automation was designed with support for the 12-scene only!

This profile was inspired from automations also created @Stringer and @edememinov with these differences

  • Description describes how to change the device profile if, assuming yours also was shipped as Dimmer
  • Button descriptions typed by myself
  • Use the entity_id as-is, rather than parsing the device-name from the deviceName XML node

The profile requires that you select your Tuya 4 button remote from all of the Zigbee sensor devices. It’s my understanding that this device might have been sold under a variety of resellers and device names so leaving the device filter as sensor should offer the most flexibility.

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Thanks ,
It works like charm.