Zigbee2mqtt update with OTA

The latest (master) version of zigbee2mqtt now supports OTA updates for some brands. I only have Tradfri zigbee devices, and for a first version it works perfect!

More info:


Now I get error messages in my logs :

No matching payload found for entity: ikeapirboven_update_available with state topic: zigbee2mqtt/ikeapirboven. Payload: , with value template Template("{{ value_json.update_available}}")
10:40:48 AM – mqtt (WARNING) - message first occurred at 7:54:14 AM and shows up 29 times
No matching payload found for entity: ikeapir2_update_available with state topic: zigbee2mqtt/ikeapir2. Payload: , with value template Template("{{ value_json.update_available}}")
10:29:16 AM – mqtt (WARNING) - message first occurred at 8:04:08 AM and shows up 7 times

But I successfully updated my ikea outlets :slight_smile:

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Yep, got te same errors.
For mee it seems to be on battery powered end devices. They don’t publish there update status unless they have a power down, power up.
For me it’s workable, wil get solved in the future :grinning:

Updated all my lights, most where up to date. Now updating my end devices. It’s quite slow, over one hour or so :frowning:

noobie quastion,
How do I start the update?
I have the zigbee2mqtt 1.11 and I can see the “update available: true” status,
the device I’m trying to update is TRADFRI LED1623G12.

Replace ikea_button1 with the name of your device.

Fill in the topic below, start listening and you see your progress.

First of all thanks for the guide!
Now I can see the update is starting but after a minute or so I receive this massage:
“failed (Update failed with reason: ‘aborted by device’)”
I’ve tried to turn off the light and take it out of the socket and repeat with no luck,
any suggestions?

So I’ve figured it out,
I moved the light bulb closer to the coordinator and it completed successfully.
Thanks again for the guidance.

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Rather than getting error messages in the log, I would like to use a sensor to show me that a new firmware version is available for my device. Is this currently possible?

That should have been auto-created


Yes, these sensors have been created but I found them not to be working reliably: for example, they only show that a new firmware release is available when I issue an update check through MQTT (in which case I do not need a sensor for it) and devices which zigbee2mqtt cannot update (e.g. Hue devices where there is no firmware available), no update is showing either. Maybe this situation will improve in the future with this feature maturing more, but for now, managing everything through MQTT seems to be a reliable approach.


Sorry for ask but for some reason I just cannot get anything result for checking or OTA updating Ikea leds. Can somebody tell me step by step instructions what to write and where…

The instructions are in te first posts.

At the moment there is a issue with the Ikea servers preventing updating. Ikea Issue