Zigbee2mqtt weak signal

Hello I am using HA with USB CC2531 dongle with several different sensor from several brands (mostly Sonoff). Those, which are too far have LQI 0 and no signal. As I understood all of zigbee devices can be repeater, but regarding of the map of my zigbee network all of them are connected to the dongle. Is there any way to connect those device, which is far away to closed to him device and have better connection ?

Only mains powered devices. Battery powered devices do not act as repeaters.

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That I was missing :slight_smile:

And the CC2531 is seriously under powered.

Can you suggest me some repeater/device, which can I put in the middle and work with CP2531 of my network to make my links better

If you aren’t already, use a USB-extension cable - do not plug the dongle directly into your pi. The pi (especially the USB-3 port) will interfere heavily with the dongle.

It is not Pi, but the real desktop computer. However. Obviously i need repeater

For repeaters, I use BlitzWolf Plug smart sockets.
Works perfectly.

Nevertheless, I could not run my network even with repeater fairly close to the coordinator without attaching something like this: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Female-Docking-Station-Extension-Cable/dp/B07QMM6YFZ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=usb+ständer&qid=1622475725&sr=8-3

Maybe regular usb wall charger from phone 2Amps pluggged into wall socket will do the same ?

You can use something like the CC2530/31 (with antenna) flashed with router firmware - those just need a USB power source. Those work pretty well.

Alternatively, pretty much any Zigbee socket will do, though obviously your choices depend on where in the world you live…

That is sound interesting. Is there any tutorial for flashing CC2531 with router firmware ?

It’s exactly the same as flashing it with the coordinator firmware, but you flash the router firmware instead. Guides for all officially supported Zigbee2MQTT adapters can be found here and that includes links to the router and coordinator firmware.


I’m getting VASTLY different signal numbers in the Zigbee2MQTT addon/Devices tab and the Map tab. What is to be believed? In the map, I’m seeing my farthest Occupancy sensor to be connected via a bathroom bulb in the middle of the way and showing 153 signal strength, the same sensor in Devices reports 0 LQI. The sensor works, so I’m guessing the 0 LQI is just bogus, isn’t it?