Zigbee2mqtt with assistant (docker-setup)

Hi everybody,

this weekend I finaly received the parts for the zigbee2mqtt hardware. I followed the guide how to flash.
Is have an docker for my zigbee2mqtt and my mqtt-broker.
The zigbee2mqtt is receiving data from by IKEA-lights.

In my home-assistant I use the MQTT Discovery and my IKEA lights are shown as entity, but when I use home-assistant by selecting them in the card “LIGHT” I should be able to control the brightness, but that is not working. At that moment, I see something in my logs of my zigbee2mqtt-docker;

I absolutely have NO idea how to fix. Both lights are regornized by the zigbee2mqtt device because when the lights are turned on manualy i see;

The device that is “failed to ping” is another lightbulb that is not supported so I have to make that supported. Also in that case I have know I idea how to do that but thats another topic for the future.

First I would like some detailed help how to make my lights work. I am trying to understand MQTT and his topics and how to work with the payload, Peace by peace I understand it but not yet fully…

I hope to learn more on this forum and his members

best regards