Zigbee2MQTT with LIDL HG08131A


I have a few HG08131A LIDL smart bulbs in my home. They have been running with a ConbeeII before. I have now switched to the skyconnect stick and wanted to add them again, but simply nothing happens.
They are in pairing mode, but Zigbee2MQTT does not find them for pairing. There is no sign of any failure in the logs. They are officially not supported, but they should be seen anyway.

Maybe someone has a clue what could lead to this issue.

Is your skyconnect on an USB extension cable ?

Yes. Stopped the Addon, unplugged the stick, waited 10sec and plugged it in again. No changes.

I tried connecting other devices which worked. I would think it has to do something with the light bulb, but they’ve been working before.