Zigbee2mqtt - Xiaomi SP-EUC01 problem

I am running HA with Zigbee2MQTT (Conbee II). I have different devices (Lidl bulbs, Xiaomi and Tuya sensors etc.) working ok.
I tried to add a Xiaomi SP-EUC01 plug to my system (this one: https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/SP-EUC01.html#xiaomi-sp-euc01). I get the plug paired ok and the control works (on/off). The problem is that I cannot get any data from the plug. If I go to the Zigbee2MQTT GUI -> Device -> Exposes and try to get the Power from there I just get a message: “No converter available for ‘power’ ()”. Or for for the energy I get: “No converter available for ‘energy’ ()”. Somehow I managed to get one power measurement from the plug but nothing after that.
Any tips?

Hi There.

I have similar issue: at start I couldn’t get it working as it was recognized as unsupported device: router.
I managed to make it recognized as plug when using devices.js from github (with custom devices).

Now I’m having exactly the same issue as @tap: only on/off and wattage is working with readings, for all other measurements are N/A and while trying to refresh the status it says “No converter available for ‘energy’ ()” or for other measurements.

Does anybody would be so kind to give us some tips how to make it working? I was trying to use github converters (fromzigbee and to zigbee) but while trying to use these Zigbee2mqtt plugin crashes shouting for some additional files (/lib/***) and therefore I’m lost…

Thanks in advance for any useful tips!


I was trying to follow this page: How to support new devices | zigbee2mqtt.io

But I’m a bit lost as basically in the custom devices.js there are all measurement readings for this device. What and where I’m doing it wrong?