🧯 Zigbee2MQTT - ZemiSmart ZM-RM02 Controller

(18 actions!!) This Blueprint uses the Z2M (Zigbee2MQTT) imported Action sensor to sort out the 18 commands from the 6 buttons of a ZemiSmart ZM-RM02 Controller. The split out of functions gives you the ability to assign local scripts or functions to do the things you want the remote to do. Functions that are left empty will simply do nothing.

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  • 2022-05-05: Updated for 2022.5.0 HA. Added Markdown to !input Descriptions.
  • 2022-04-17: :tada: :control_knobs: :battery: New Blueprint!

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Updates will be published on my GIT repository with the rest of my Home Assistant Blueprint collection.

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:open_book: Description

This Blueprint uses the Z2M (Zigbee2MQTT) imported Action sensor to sort out the 18 commands from the 6 buttons of a ZemiSmart ZM-RM02 Controller. The split out of functions gives you the ability to assign local scripts or functions to do the things you want the remote to do. Functions that are left empty will simply do nothing.

Within this code there is an event handler that will ‘latch’ the last command that the blueprint finds and sends that to the event buss. From there a simple Template sensor can grab it and show you the last action sent. This will help when setting up new functions and to troubleshoot strange behaviors. Here is a sample Template sensor to capture this event:

Sample Script Generation Dashboard Entry

  - trigger:
      - platform: event
        event_type: rm02_last_action
      - name: "RM02 Last Action"
        unique_id: Random-String-of-Gibberish-HERE
        icon: mdi:eye-refresh-outline
          friendly_name: "RM02 Action"
        state: >
          {{ trigger.event.data.friendly_name }} - 
          {{ trigger.event.data.event }}

If you wish to ‘store’ these events you can add this sensor to recorder and it will
save them for you.

My ‘suggestion’ is that you do separate scripts for most, if not all of the actions you generate here. If you are using the UI editor for the simple things you are fine, but for more complicated things scripts may work better for you. This is my opinion and how I am using it, to each their own. Building functions within the uI is also available if you are more confortable with that.

First, let’s go over Blueprints and what they are. Blueprints are a way to share automations and is built into Home Assistant. Simple as that. You can import my template code and a copy of it will reside in your configuration. Once there, you can can edit it (if you need changes only) or you can call up that Blueprint to build an automation. It will collect the information needed based on your entities and your personal adjustments, and provide a working automation. You will have to have or add the required hardware and entities that the Blueprint needs to function.

:gear: Usage

:hammer_and_wrench: Installation

  • Open Home Assistant with administrator privileges and on a Lovelace screen, click anywhere in the main entity area and type the letter ‘c’. A selection box should pop up. Type blue and select the button to navigate to blueprints. You can also find blueprints by selecting configuration from the left menu and then blueprints from the center menu.
  • Once there, click on the ‘Import Blueprint’ button in the lower right side of the main screen.
  • In the ‘URL of the blueprint’ line type or paste in the URL of my Blueprint. I have the blueprint stored on my Public GitHub:

GitHub - SirGoodenough/HA_Blueprints: My Collection of Automation and Script Blueprints for Home Assistant

:dna: To make the blueprint work it will need

To make the Blueprint work you will need a functional Magic Cube integrated to Home Assistant thri Zigbee2MQTT and find the sensor entity in the Home Assistant Device tab that Z2M imported which is named similar this:

  • sensor.xxDevice_Namexx_action

If you do not see that sensor, ‘LegacyAPI’ might not be selected in the Zigbee2MQTT settings - settings - advanced menu. Please find and check/select that setting like so:

Z2M Menu Screen


Legacy API Selected Screen

Once you have found the entity_id you can build the Automation. To build the automation:

  1. Click on ‘Create Automation’ Open your Home Assistant instance and show your automations. and ‘Use Blueprint’
  2. Add a Description so you can tell what this one is for
  3. Use the Drop-downs to select the Entities for the listed purposes

:sun_with_face: :snowflake: Troubleshooting tip

If you are troubleshooting and you want to see more traces back when doing so, here is a TIP I’ve found.
Manually edit the automation created with the ui editor (or manually with a text editor) and add the following to have this automation contain 10 traces instead of the normal 5. Then if the automation is triggering often, you can see the last 10 traces to help you decide what the issue is.

alias: aaaaaaa Test
description: 'See how to increase the number of Traces available''
  stored_traces: 10

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