Zigbee2MqttAssistant does not detect/recognize Sonoff Coordinator

Zigbee2mqtt works and has been working fine for several months.
Installed Zigbee2MqttAssistant to see the better map. Well, it does not detect the Sonoff USB stick coordinator, but seems to see all other devices. Here is the config:

mqttserver: homeassistant
mqttport: "1883"
mqttusername: mqtt
mqttpassword: mqttpass
mqttsecure: false
basetopic: zigbee2mqtt
homeassistantdiscoverybasetopic: homeassistant
lowbatterythreshold: 30
allowjointimeout: 20
autosetlastseen: false
devicespollingschedule: "*/12 * * * *"
networkscanschedule: 0 */3 * * *

Now, Zigbee2MqttAssistant doc says

To activate: homeassistant: true in Zigbee2Mqtt configuration

but if I do that, first the devices in z2m are becoming ‘offline’ and secondly - it does not change anything in Zigbee2MqttAssistant.

Ideas how to fix this?

Im having the same issue. Anything we can do?

Was told to throw away this software which has not been updated for 3 years.