Zigbee2tasmota alternative to zigbee2mqtt

Has anyone seen this new (very beta) alternative to zigbee2mqtt?

I only recently started using HA and I don’t have any Zigbee devices yet since I’m still choosing which solution to get (deconz, z2mqtt, etc) and I’ve stumbled upon this new alternative

I will say that the CC253x sticks are relatively limited - folks running Zigbee2MQTT on the newer adapters have found there to be a significant performance (and range, and more) boost.

In case you’re still interested I made one of this using a sonoff basic (offers the power supply as well) and a CC2530 + 2591.
Not as pretty as the one in your picture, but it works really well. And best of all: no need to connect it to a pc !!!

I looked in to zigbee2tasmota, but the messages it send are way more complicated than zigbee2mqtt. Now I use a CC2530 connected to an esp01 as coordinator. No need to connect to pc also.

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Hi, can you share all configuration code for zigbee2tasmota? thank you

Can you point me to a guide on how to connect CC2530 & esp01 please?

Here it is :

Guide is for nodemcu, but it works with esp01 too.

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