Ziggo Horizon Box Support

Hi everyone,

It would be great if Home Assistent would implement support for the Horizon TV Box which the Dutch television provider Ziggo uses. With no coding experience at all, I am not able to create such an addon myself, however, I have found this extension for openHAB which is able to control the box. Futhermore there seems to be a php script that allows Domoticz users to interface with their Horizon Box.

Would someone be able to create such an add-on for hass :grin:?



This would be awesome! :slight_smile:

This would be very nice!

This would be great!

I’ll give this a shot. Shouldn’t be too hard, given the php version already exists :slight_smile:


Let me know if you want me to test the component!

I’ll see if I can implement these features:

  • Power on/off
  • Pause/Play
  • Channel up/down
  • Channel switching based on channel numbers (1 for NPO1 etc)

Volume doesn’t seem to be supported. Am I missing something else?

I know I have a rather old mediabox so could you help me and send me the XML your box outputs (so I can make it auto discoverable)?

I’m particularly interested in the output of:

Hi b10m, apologies for the delayed response. The first link does not appear to be working for my box, which is the SMT-G7400 XEN. Please find the XML files attached to this post, with the personal identifiers altered of course ;).

description0.xml (1.6 KB)
description1.xml (3.1 KB)

Hey Max,

No worries, I was struggling with the insane mediabox myself (it likes to screw up existing networks :wink: ) What I found though, was that the only reason to get the ‘state’ (on/off) is through the first link. And this fails if you haven’t setup the ‘mediabibliotheek’ bit (I didn’t do it, lost it too). In your setup you ‘thuisnetwork’ again, then go all the way through the ‘mediabibliotheek’ stuff and allow others to pull data from the device. After that (if it doesn’t kill your network), the DeviceDescription.xml is available.

Since it’s such a huge mess, I need a lot of testers before I will submit this component to home-assistant (you can run it in your local directory, don’t worry). Right now, I seem to be able to turn off/on, pause/unpause and switch channels through python, so there is some progress :slight_smile:

Here you go! Managed to get it working after setting up the “thuisnetwerk” feature! Is your work published on github somewhere for testing?

DeviceDescription.xml (2.7 KB)

Awesome! Looks all similar to my “UPC” box. I’ll plan to release something on github or pastebin before the weekend, hopefully tonight :wink:

Could you give this code a go? ziggo_mediabox_xl.py
Add it in your home assistant directory under custom_components/media_player/ after that, add this yaml to your config:

  - platform: ziggo_mediabox_xl
    host: aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd        
    name: Ziggo Mediabox

It alive, awesome! Play/Pause is not visible in the GUI however, although it does seem to be part of the python file?

Thank you so much for this component! As mentioned by Cripplin below, a lot of people will be very happy with this addition to Home Assistant. Just discussed your component with a colleague who is a major HASS fanboy who couldn’t wait to try it out tonight!

Sorry for the ungrateful response earlier, got distracted yesterday evening as IKEA just pushed an update to enable homekit on Tradfri, requiring the tedious task of using pytradfri to uncover the homekit pin code…
Getting 3 items you have been waiting for on one evening (iOS 11.1, Homekit on tradfri without HASS & homebridge as a middleman, and this component) had me all worked up!

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I can confirm that it works too! Got the same case that Play/Pause is not visible in the media player in the GUI, but when I select the service of pausing or playing the mediabox it works like expected!

Something else I encountered is that sometimes the mediabox just freezes and doesn’t respond to anything, even the remote. Only a power reset resolves the freezing and than it works again. Some weeks earlier I also tinkered a bit with the python library ‘Einder’, but I never managed to integrate it with Home Assistant consistently. At first I got it to work but then I somehow broke it and never got it to work again. Anyhow while I was tinkering with ‘Einder’ I encountered the same freezes with the mediabox. Eventually I figured that these freezes were caused by not closing the session correctly with the mediabox when sending actions, and when repeatedly turned on/off the mediabox would freeze because of all the open sessions with my RPi. I don’t know if that’s the case right know but I thought it would not hurt by sharing my experience with the Ziggo mediabox :wink: .

Thank you very much for this component! I think many Home Assistant users from the Netherlands will be vary happy with this integration! I would be eager to help you with developing or testing this component.


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The missing Play/Pause button is probably due to the fact that we can’t determine whether the box is playing, idling or paused. I could (by default) assume it is playing, and set the state to paused when the event was called through hass, but this will mess things up as soon as you use the regular remote.

I’m planning to use this solely for turning the device on/off by other scripts and use play/pause switch channel commands with the snips component (voice control) so I’m not missing it in the GUI much.

Ideas welcome!

FYI: here’s the pull request https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/10514

Hey there,

I just started with HA and like to add the device. I tried adding it through the python in this post and directly through hassio. HA can’t seem to find anything. Logs only shows a warning saying it takes more than 10 sec to setup a media player but I believe that’s my LG TV.

Her is my configuration part:
- platform: webostv
name: TV
service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
mac: 3C:CD:93:D5:6E:9B
- platform: ziggo_mediabox_xl
name: Horizon

Is there an obvious error maybe. I just can’t seem to figure it out.

The next release of home assistant should include this module. If things still don’t work then, let me know

Is not working for me.
Mediabox state is not in sync with HA. Can turn on/off the unit via HA, but unit state is powered off when it is powered on. pressing power in HA to turn off, turnes off the box. Because it is Off in HA no commands are possible.

can telnet port 5900 just fine, only DeviceDescription.xml cannot be retrieved via http. There is a description1.xml on port 29153. Perhaps there are some diffences in mediaboxes?