Ziggo modem new model Sagemcom F3896LG

I have got a new modem from my local cable provider Ziggo. The old one seems to be an Arris modem (white) and this one is black and seems to be a Sagemcom F3896LG.

I would like to use it for device tracking, so I tried the Sagemcom Fast integration, where Sagemcom F3896LG is listed in the supported devices. I fiddled arround with many options but was not able to establish a connectiont from the integration. Perhaps anyone has more success and can share how to do this?

Alternative I have thought about using SNMP. However I have no clue wheather this modem support SNMP (how to find out?) and if so, what baseoid to use for it. Anyone?


Nobody using Ziggo with the latest modem?

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Just wondering if you ever got it working or something like it. I have the hub with Virgin Media but it is the same


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I didn’t had the time to investigate more deeply and didn’t get much answers here as you see.
If I get a step further, I will report it here…


With me it was discovered when I first booted HA. However it’s not showing download speeds, which is the only thing im interested in, lol.