Zillow Zestimate ZPID returns "None"

Has anyone had a problem where the ZIllow integration returns “none”? I have several zpids setup in my sensors.yaml file. All work fine, except for 1 of them, which returns “none” (sets-up an entity called “sensor.zestimate_none”). I believe the ZPID is correct, since I copy and pasted it from the Zillow URL.

Wondering if you ever got this working? I just set this up and am having the same problem. My property says:
“Zestimate none unavailable”.

Ah, never mind. I found this:

I did manage to get an API key a few days ago but I get the same error in my log as listed here (account not authorized). Hopefully Zillow will fix this.

thanks for the update. Still dead for me too.

What happened in my case was there was NO Zestimate available. After a few weeks, a zestimate was created for the property and the $$ showed-up. So, on the HA side, there was no problem. “Working as designed”.

Turns out, the reason this happened is because there really wasn’t a Zestimate for the ZPID. A few weeks later (after the house sold/closed) a Zestimate was created and started displaying. So, no problem on the HA side.