ZL 7432 US - In-Wall Switch, 2 Relays. Momentary switch configuration?

hello there.

I have setup a ZL 7432 (Vision) on my home assistant successfully, using an AEOTEC Stick.
I can toggle things on and off through HA and life is beautiful.

I prefer to use momentary switches instead of on/off switches as this prevents people from turning off my automation. AEON, Fibaro and other have ways to toggle the switch configuration so you can use whatever type of switch you prefer.

I just can’t find a way to get that done on these Vision switches. There’s nothing on the manual and I couldn’t find anything on the internet explaining how to set it up. I know there are parameters that can be setup on zwave devices, but I don’t know how to query or change them through Homeassistant. Anyone with experience on these devices, or any device for that matter willing to lend me a hand in getting this setup?


Sorry for the ping, but any clue really? Starting to fell like there’s no way to make this module work with a momentary switch.

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Do you have any hint about this?

you find any solution?

I have not. Gave up. If you find something, please report back! Thank you