ZLink WD-100 vs Homeseer WD-200+

I’m new to HA having replaced my Zipato (1st generation) setup with a RPI 4B. A steep learning curve, but so far I’ve been very pleased with HA, but still have to dig into yaml and develop a more detailed understanding.

I’ve read these are basically the same hardware with different software. Looking at past posts in this forum there doesn’t seem to be anything very definitive whether one has better support in HA than the other. The main issue appears to be with getting status updates without having to resort to polling. At least from looking at the Z-Wave Alliance database for both products, it appears they both support Central Scene V3 and Supervision in the Controlled Command Classes. The Central Scene appears to be the thing you need for instant status updates.

From people’s experience is there a reason to choose one of these over the other?