Zone Automation - Multiple devices at the same time

Hey all. First off, thank you for all of the support you’ve provided before I’ve even made my first post! It’s helped tremendously!

I would like to create an automation where the conditions are an If Then Else style statement. When I enter a zone I want to turn on a set of lights. Same thing if my wife enters the zone. But, if we enter the zone at the same time, then I want to turn on additional lights. Basically, if we enter together, then we would turn on our outside lighting, living room light, and kitchen light. Otherwise, we’d only turn on the outside lighting.

I have created the automation for us separately, but can’t figure out how to track both devices entering the zone at the same time.

Zone state is the number of people in the zone — so have the additional lights switched on when the zone state is 2.

Won’t this trigger all of the lights to come on if my wife is already home though?

Oh I see: it needs to only work if you come in at the same time. I’d do this with a trigger-based binary sensor turned on by a zone state change from 0 indicating someone has arrived; and turned off if the zone state has been 1 for a minute or so — whatever you consider “the same time” to span.

Then trigger the additional lights on a zone state of 2 AND the binary sensor being on.

Awesome, Troon! I’ll give this a shot later and see if I can get it to fire. Thanks!!