Zone bypass status and toggle for NX584

It would be great if each zone showed bypass status as well as had a toggle to bypass/unbypass the zone.

Use case 1: While away, I get a notification that the alarm has been tripped and have determined via security camera that one of the cats triggered a motion sensor. I have an entity filter card that only lists open zones, so I’d press the bypass toggle for each zone, then re-arm the alarm as I normally would.

Use case 2: I’d like to arm the alarm from bed at night when windows are open.

The pynx584 server (required for the nx584 component) sends bypass status for each zone, so that data is available to HA. I don’t know much about coding, but it seems like it could be another property in in the nx584 component (excerpt below):

    def is_on(self):
        """Return true if the binary sensor is on."""
        # True means "faulted" or "open" or "abnormal state"
        return self._zone["state"]

    def extra_state_attributes(self):
        """Return the state attributes."""
        return {"zone_number": self._zone["number"]}

Perhaps the bypass status and toggle switch would only be shown if configured in the zone’s entity settings. That way the UI isn’t too cluttered unless you specifically ask for it. The toggle switch would likely just call the bypass_zone or unbypass_zone services that are already available in the nx584 component.

I have this setup like this:

It’s calling the service: nx584_bypass but is doesn’t do anything as shown here: