Zone entry detection by feet or vehicle

I live in a walkable suburb and I’d like to be able to have automations triggered when I enter my “home” zone, however I want different automations fired depending if I’m coming or going, and by foot or car/bicycle. Obviously I would need some sort of way of determining how I’m traveling. Do you know if anyone has found a non-battery draining solution for this?

If the HA app on iOS could detect when the phone starts moving from an area, it could send the GPS coordinates to HA via MQTT, then HA could send a reply of when the app should poll again, increasing the frequency the closer you get to a zone. And based upon the polling, HA should be able to determine you average speed.

What about something like a Bluetooth tracker in/on your car/bicycle? If you and your phone leave the house, and car or bicycle is away, then you are driving/riding. If they are home and you are away, then you are walking.

Bluetooth would only work for a zone around my house.

You only mentioned you wanted to trigger when entering your home. If you want to track while you are not home, then yes, bluetooth will not work.

Sorry, I don’t have any ideas on how to do this.

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