Zone / Geofencing conflicts when detected in a 2 zones at the same time

Hey guys,

I tried a while ago to create a new zone called “near home” that has the same center point as my
“home” zone, but with a larger radius so I can trigger a few automations (keep heating on if I’m still around at the nearby store or something, among other remote work joys)

Only problem, when I’m “home”, sometimes it still considers I’m “near home” as the bigger radius zone includes the smaller one. And this breaks my other automations when I’m “home”.

Is there a way to tell home assistant to always consider a person in the smaller zone when detected in more than one zone at a time ?

No help here, but I ran into the same problem when starting out with HA. From my research, there is no easy way to define the inner limit of any zone.

I have a “home” zone and a “city” zone. I centered the city so that it encompasses the whole metro area; as my house is not in the center of the city, they’re different. My geofences have no problem figuring out if I’m home, in the city, or on a trip somewhere.

Maybe your phone can’t see the satellites. Your location is low precision if it’s cell-tower based. And in general then the worse your cell reception is, the worse the accuracy gets. Look at your phone’s “show me on a map” application. If the highlighted circle is really big, your “near home” zone’s center should at least be outside of that circle.

That should be far enough for the phone to roughly distinguish your zone.