Zone.Home not recognizing devices that are "home"

I have three tracked devices, 2 are “home”, however zone.home only recognizing 1. See attached.

Zone home counts people, not device_trackers. That is because multiple device trackers can be linked to one person in order to improve accuracy. Check the settings, persons to see what trackers are assigned to which persons. It seems logical to me as it seems both trackers have the same person name that it is indeed only one person.

This behavior is intended, so you can for instance also track the location of devices that not always travel with the person. zone.home state can than still be used to see if anyone is home, and not be fooled by a tablet lying around or something like that. But you can still see the tablet is connected to home wifi.

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Thanks Edwin. Each of those device trackers are tied to a DIFFERENT person as shown in the attached photo.

Is zone.home really only showing 1 though, or is it just the graph not updating yet. Graphs don’t update instantly. You’d need to add an entity thing to the dashboard that just shows the state of zone.home, or better yet the attribute to show which people are in that zone.