Zone Leave trigger

I’m using OwnTracks and iCloud3 for presence detection. Primarily, I want to use to open/close the garage overhead. Opening works just fine. As I approach my home, the overhead opens as expected , great. But when I leave, the overhead does not close for some time. I don’t get the zone exit notification until I’m well away from the house, maybe 200 meters. I created a “garage” zone with a radius of 3m, I see this new zone in the Zones configuration.

Is there something I’m missing?

I would be really surprised if the location information was anywhere near accurate enough to measure a zone of 3 meters. And add to that the time lag for everything to update back to HA and I’d say 200m is not too bad.

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I’m not surprised you say this, makes sense. And as it appears the exit notification comes at about 200m, I’d imagine it falls back to that as my zone radius is too small. Any ideas on how to make this work? Although the overhead closes, I’d like to see it close instead of trusting that it actually does.

I really don’t think it is “falling back” to any default radius. I just think the timing of it detecting that you are over 3m away (due to the accuracy of the location sensor) and the propagation time for the status change to get back to HA just happens to be around 200m.

not without you having a location sensor that is way more accurate than 3m.

as a test does you location sensor show you actually walking from one side of a room in your house to the other accurately? most rooms are at least 3m or more and if it can’t detect that then it won’t detect it outside your house either.

Yes, I can move around the house, my movements are detected.

That’s a scary thought of having your garage door open as you approach it! I mean, it’s cool to do but if anything goes wonky with your presence detection then your garage door could open when you are vacationing in the Bahamas!

The only geo-location automation that impacts security that I ever use is to close and lock all doors in case I neglected to do so and am more than 1/4 mile away from home. For unlocking/opening/etc I always use voice commands and only allow those commands on HomeKit since HomeKit won’t allow you to issue the command without you unlocking your phone or if you issue the voice command through your attached watch.

I use my “person” location as a trigger to open my garage door too.

I have a few other conditions that do other checks so it’s been fairly reliable with no unwanted openings. And actually the only few failures have been when it doesn’t open when it should because one of the conditions isn’t satisfied.

- id: gd_auto_open_north_garage_door
    alias: GD Auto Open North Garage Door
      - platform: numeric_state
        entity_id: proximity.home_me_ft
        below: 1000
      - "{{ state_attr('proximity.home_me_ft', 'dir_of_travel') == 'towards' }}"
      - "{{ '84:DD:20:62:FA:FE' in state_attr('sensor.me_mobile_app_bluetooth_connection', 'connected_paired_devices') }}"
      - condition: state
        entity_id: cover.north_garage_door
        state: 'closed'
      - condition: not
          - condition: state
            entity_id: device_tracker.toyota_tacoma
            state: 'home'
          - condition: state
            state: 'home'
      - service: script.open_gdn

well, then there isn’t a lot more that anyone can help you with. I just think you are coming up against a hard limit in the system performance/responsiveness.

Maybe you can try to drive really slowly away from your house so that the system gets the signal to close the door when you get exactly 3.1m away from the garage. :wink:

It’s opening as I approach, not already open. Sorry for the confusion.