Zone Notification - sending push notification to phones when someone arrives in a zone?

Hi there, I’m kinda new to this. How does the Zone notification on the iOS app work? Does it automatically send push notification to phones when someone enters or leaves a zone?

I have zones configured in the Home Assistant, and I enabled the zone notifications on the phones, but I’m not getting any push notification? Does the notification only logs the events in the logbook (which I’m getting in the Home Assistant)?

If I want to receive push notifications whenever someone enters/leaves a zone, I need to create an automation for that?


Yes, using a Zone Trigger

Or blueprint.

Oh I got it. That’s what I figured.

But what happens if I turn the zone notification in the app? Is there a difference turning it on or off?

Not sure what you are asking.

If you turn off the automation, it won’t do anything anymore.

Sorry. Just to clarify, if I have the automation configured to send notification whenever someone enters or leaves a zone, it will send a notification to that specific phone (if the zone notification is ON on that phone? And if it’s not, then it’s not?

So basically, the notification will not do anything whether it’s turned on or off on the phone, unless it’s configured to do something in the Home Assistant?

I’m still not 100% there, but if the mobile app is registered and is an available device to notify, so you select notify.mobile_app_sm_n950u (my personal notification service) then the notification WILL go through to the mobile device unless you place a condition on the automation so it would not run for any reason (time, day of week, etc.).

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