Zone Occupancy

I know a couple of releases back there was a change made that added the number of occupants in a zone and this is reflected in the Zone documentation. I was looking forward to this change exactly for the reason stated in the doc, that being the ability to use this in automations. But unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be working for me, or at least not for my “Home” zone which is defined as:

- name: Home
  latitude: !secret latitude
  longitude: !secret longitude
  radius: 250
  icon: mdi:home-circle

But the state never changes from zero! I’m writing this right now from home where there are currently 4 of us located, but the state for Home is still zero. I have buttons defined for a control panel that indicates locations and all four individuals are listed as “Home”. Additionally when we move to other zones these buttons update with the correct zone. Anyone have any ideas why this is not working as one would expect?

Are you using an stationary device tracker for the users (nmap, for example) ?
If so, it won’t work.

I had 2 device trackers for each user (nmap and mobile).
I had to remove the stationary device tracker.

At least, that is what happened to me.
I don’t know whether this is the expected behavior or not.
It just doesn’t make sense to me, but it worked after this.

I am not. All of my tracked users use Composite Device Tracker which is configured to use 3 entities; Google Maps, Life360, and a phone via ASUSWRT. The only exception is my phone which is tracked via the Home Assistant app instead.