Zoneminder Cameras dissappeared from HA

First off I had not changed a single configuration on the Zoneminder side and I did not intentional change anythign on the HA side for zoneminder. I was changing some groups around and that is it. On a HA restart I noticed my zoneminder camera entities were gone. Not disabled, but gone. However the binary_sensor. is there and says connected. I even tried changing the ip of my ZM in HA to make sure it fails and then changed it back. It does. But my camera entities are all gone.

Note I can access the cameras via zmNinja so they should still be accessible for HA. Ideas. Again all I changed before this happened was adding some Shelly switches and put a group in for them.

Fixed: I must have somehow removed:

  • platform: zoneminder

From my config. Oops. Maybe my screwup will help someone else. :slight_smile: