Zoneminder Switch

There are 2 possibilities command_on and command_off.
I use:
comand_on for Modect
command_off for Monitor

From note at:
The default functions installed by ZoneMinder are: None, Monitor, Modect, Record, Mocord, Nodect.

Is it possible to add another switch so when alarm is triggered I can use Record also?

Thanks in advance

Did you ever find a way to get this enabled. As I see we now have a service for calling the state of Zoneminder so I can change from daytime/away/night etc. Up until a few weeks ago my ZM instance did not have auth turned on but as I’m now setting up the event server I had to enable auth so in doing so I can’t just make the simple api calls back to the ZM instance with my automations. I’m working on trying to get Postman to talk to the ZM api so I can get my token and use this in my automations to trigger recordings when a door opens or a motion sensor is tripped. I know this is an old request but a switch or service that we can invoke would be awesome.

Edit: I"m also looking at the component code trying to grasp how the service works here and how it calls Zoneminder for setting the state as I think if I can figure this out then I can write a service for calling the alarm state but not entirely sure just yet.

No, I now using Synology instead since I never recieved any answers