Zones all listed separately in Integrations?


After having added all my Zones in the new Integrations, they are all listed separately while eg the Hue lights and Tradri Lights are listed under their Component, which makes for a much better view.

Is this a bug, or is it simply not yet implemented ? Or have I done something wrong :wink:


This is how it is implemented right now

just bumping this again, has there been any attention to this Zones list in the integration section of the configuration?

Even more, I still have my zones in a zone.yaml file, referenced in configuration.yaml. Works alright. Do we need the Zones integration at all?

It will be rewritten in a not too distant future.

thanks for the pointer! good to see it is getting some attention :wink:

could I safely delete the integration Zones, while I have them in cconfiguration.yaml?

Yes, they are not coupled in any way