Zones and Proximity

With Proximity being exvicted from yaml I thougt it would be good to try improve some automations. I walk around the area near the house but far enough that I am not at “Home”. I decided the easy answer was to make home a little bigger. Turns out that is blocked. So I added Home2 and sent a request to my phone to update my location and sure enough I am at Home2.
So Home2 covers of Home so should I expect that it will always be the zone when I am near my residence?
I tried updating my spouses phone and it reported it was Home. We are right beside each other. Later her phone move to Home2.
Having both phones device_tracker show Home2 in a group results in the group being–“not_home”.

I don’t like my chances of getting “Home” changed to allow adjusting the size so, other ideas? I am currently working out a matrix and thinking though triggers and conditions