Zones not updating device_tracker state


So I had a working nmap scanner for detecting device locations, which was updating device_tracker.USER’s state between home and not_home. I’ve now got the built-in MQTT server and owntracks configured; I can see my location on the map in home assistant and everything seems fine there.

I’ve also defined my home zone to be quite large while testing. My phone’s gps location is well within the circle on the map for home.

But when I check the /states page, I can see my device_tracker device, but it shows state: not_home it also doesn’t show any zone.

All of the zone change automation examples use changed from foo to bar. So I would expect to see this property on the states page for that object as well.

Has anyone gotten this working, and if so, what am I missing?

Have you kept the nmap and owntracks devices separate or have you merged them into one by copying the mac address into the other as it says on the page for the Owntracks component? I ask because keeping them separate worked out better for me.

I’ve disabled nmap for now while testing. I wanted to make sure it would work by itself using owntracks.

I do have the mac address on the known_devices listings however as I intended to use both for each person where possible