Zooz 3 Way Setup Help

Anyone here using Zooz Zen76 switches in a 3 way setup?

I’ve got mine wired up as below and have setup group 2 on/off and group 3 basic set on each in zwavejs2mqtt with the expectation that they would allow 2 way sync and control. Seems pretty hit or miss and their support is talking out both sides of their mouth…

I run this type of configuration with Inovelli switches with no issue. The difference I think is that the inovelli switches allow me to set the non load switch to not sync with the zwave hub, and I believe then it just associates directly to the other switch in the circuit.

What am I doing wrong here?

I have used some of their older switches. They are designed to use a regular 3-way switch for 3-way, not a second ZEN 76. I think this is what you with to achieve (from the manual). Box 2 has a regular 3-way switch.

The manual is here.

Their support desk told me it is allowed to use 2 in a 3 way setup as long as each has neutral and line voltage. What they can’t articulate well is how the group/association and related parameters need to be setup in Home Assistant z2m as they are not experts in the various hubs.

Zooz support is excellent. I have not set switches up that way& I did not see it in the manual. Without anything connected to the load on the right side switch, I do not see how it can control anything.

Did you try sending your diagram to Zooz support? I think there are connection issues that need to be addressed first.

The control between switches happens via zwave. Basically each switch associates with the other and sends state and control messages to keep them in sync.

I have 20 or more Inovelli switches working this way flawlessly.

The switch on the right has no load unless you use an HA Automation to turn on the other switch if it is toggled…

Another way might be through group association. That should be able to work without any special HA Automation.

EDIT: I see this warning in the manual though.


The group association is not working consistently. Only seems to work 25% of the time.

You could toggle through HA Automation but I would not use that in combination with Group Association. I fI were in your position I would contact Ting support. In my opinion, group association would be preferred because it is independent of the HA system. I believe it is independent of the controller too.

I’ve asked them a few times now what the proper association and parameter configurations are and I keep getting a response that they are not experts in home assistant.

Group association is Z-Wave, not Home Assistant. Group association is device to device communication, independent of the controller. Is it possible the signal between your devices is marginal? If so you may not be able to use group association.

I am definitely no HA expert and have not used group association, I have also not used HA blueprints but I may be able to help with automation ideas.

The switches in the associations are anywhere from 5’ to 15’ apart. Should not be an issue with range, especially given these are 700 series zwave chips.

I’m seeing other odd behavior with these zooz switches that are associated. The times that they do work to turn the lights on or off, I will see them randomly turn back on around 30 seconds or so later. I’ll go manually shut the light off and then they might do it again once or twice.

Are these switches associated with HA? It almost sounds like one or more have a timer configuration parameter enabled. I have occasionally received a refurbished device from Zooz that had not been factory reset before I received it, Parameter 3 controls the Auto Turn-off Timer, for instance.

Here is a link to the configuration parameters for this switch. Remember that zwavejs uses a community maintained device database that may contain errors. I have found a couple myself just with my small group of devices.


My personal tendance would be to use one of the switches I removed with one ZEN 76 but I can try to help further if you still wish to use both.

Personally, I would exclude both switches from HA, factory reset the switches, and then set up the group association again. I assume you are using Group 2 for association, correct?


I was able to get these working properly. I was using associations for both group on/off and group basic set. When I removed the basic set association they work as expected. They sync up just fine both directions.

Appreciate the input from everyone!

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