zoOZ 4-in-1 sensor (ZSE40 ver2.0) with openZWave

I recently made the move of going from Z-wave integration to using the new OpenZWave add-on with OpenZWave beta integration. It has been working flawlessly with my fibaro dimmers, switches, motion sensors and wall plugs + Aeotec NanoMote. My controller is the Aeotec USB stick.

I wanted to try the ZSE40 motion sensor since it’s gotten a lot of praise and it seems to be better at motion than the fibaro (FGMS001-ZW5).

However I can’t get it paired with my controller. I have tried using both the ozw.add_node command and tried goin trough the openzwave-admin program. The logs don’t say anything about it being paired.

I realize this is still in beta but from what I understood binary_sensors should be working. Has anyone got this motion sensor to be paired with the new OpenZWave addon/integration?