Zooz Dimmer Config Blank

I just tried to install a Zooz Zen22 dimmer on my 0.95.4 setup (not my first Zooz), and for some reason it’s showing up as an unknown device without any config parameters. I can control it as a light, but I can’t adjust any of the config parameters under the Z-wave configuration option. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Find the manufacturer_specific.xml file within your python installation, it has a list of known devices. If you have new version of the Zen22 it won’t be known. Currently there are two entries, one as “Zooz” (Zen22 version 2) and one as “Zooz (Willis Electric)” (Zen22).

If the product type and id are new, you’ll have to add a new entry to that file. Then, you’ll need to look at the corresponding device XML files (zooz/zen22v2.xml and zooz/zen22.xml) and see if they are the same as your version. If they are the same, you just add an entry using the same zen22 xml file. If they are different, you’ll have to create a new file to support it.

Thank you for the detailed answer!

edit: so looks like its V2 (type is b112, and id is 1f1c). I have other V2 dimmers already installed and Hass identifies them as such. So I don’t believe that it is any missing xml’s (and I checked the open-zwave dir and the zen22v2.xml was in there

edit #2: I think I just found your post the other day @freshcoast Fibaro FGBS222 smart implant: no node config options. I do have an old version of a open-zwave in /etc and I am on an Ubuntu install. So should I just delete /etc/open-wave or should I purge libopenzwave1.5?

edit #3: As a hot fix, I just edited the zwcfg*.xml, but still curious as to how to get HASS to include the nodes properly again.

Thank you freshcoast. I got this working in HA 99.2 and the Open Z-wave 1.4 Configuration provided by The Smartest House. https://gist.github.com/drobtravels/7aacf31b65b20b2ba165104f2dd72b31#file-zen22v2-xml