Zooz/Smart Bulb Mode/Maintaining State

I’ve got a large deployment of Zooz ZEN21 (on/off) and ZEN22 (dimmer) that control Philips WiZ Wi-Fi Smart Bulbs. I’m using the most recent ZwaveJS2MQTT Add-On. I’ve been using the Smart Bulb Mode to disable local paddle control but leaving Z-Wave control enabled so I can cut power for wiring maintenance, reset a bulb etc. My Node Red automation listens for ZwaveJsValue notifications and enables on/off/dim/change color etc. Here’s what I haven’t solved:

The ZEN21 and ZEN22 report CurrentValue based on some state machine that the switch maintains. If smart bulb mode is enabled while electrons are flowing and subsequently a 1X bottom is triggered, currentValue starts reporting 0 and the LED indicator turns on to indicate the switch is off, as expected.

  1. There is also the need to be able to query/trigger the switch for the “other” state (i.e., the actual state of the “relay”) for troubleshooting and safety reasons. I haven’t determined how to query this.

  2. There doesn’t seem to be a way to control these two different states separately. If the switch is reporting CurrentValue other than 100% always on, it must have a state machine that maintains state so it can report the value that it does and can illuminate the onboard LED appropriately. This means that the switch needs to be informed of state changes made by means other than switch-initiated (eg., motion, lux triggers, timers, HA Dashboard etc.). If Z-Wave control is enabled, any dim/off messages would cause changes to the actual electron flow. If Z-Wave control is disabled, this virtual state can be managed but we lose the ability to actually control the “relay” for safety, bulb reset etc. It seems as if the only solution is to make a significantly more complex HA automation to manage smart bulb mode and the state of the bulb separately (i.e., leave zwave control off normally, send state change events to the switch when the load changes to keep it in sync and then temporarily enable/disable smart bulb mode if the user wants to initiate an “off” or “on” to the underlying “relay”).

How are people dealing with this? Do you leave Z-Wave control enabled and not update the switch when the bulb state changes for non-switch-initiated events and accept that the LED indicator on the switch is out-of-sync? Do you disable Z-Wave Control and maintain a separate state machine in HA to maintain the paddle state and then disable smart bulb mode prior to sending z-wave command to change the state of the actual relay when necessary?

It seems that “Smart Bulb Mode” was a marketing-created name for “Disable Paddle Control”, but that using the product to manage a smart bulb actually requires more of the device than just disabling the paddle. Has anyone found a Zooz community? I haven’t seen a lot of Zooz on the HA Community nor on reddit, etc. So far, the best resource for understanding the Zooz product that I’ve found is the Innovelli Community group since the hardware is substantially similar. Anyone found better?

I do not know but I know that Zooz support is top notch. If they do not know the answer, they can ask the engineers that know. This has been my experience with them for years.

Contact Zooz or thesmartesthouse support for assistance.