Zooz support

I have about 20 zooz switches and dimmers in my zwave network and about the same amount of enbrighten and ultra pro devices. The zooz devices lose their configuration every now and then. The other devices are ultra stable. In the last week the amount of zooz devices disconnecting has significantly increased. Two of the ZEN32s are completely unresponsive except for the relay switch.

To make things worse, the previously pretty responsive zooz customer support disappeared. No responses, tickets are closed within an hour of opening, or disappear all together. Email communication is one way, and both TheSmartestHouse as well as Zooz are running into voice-mail every time I call

Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong with the hardware, or what is happening at zooz?

I notice the quality breakdown of customer service a few months ago when dealing with issues with the new V3 ZEN20’s.

Hopefully things will get back to normal…

Did they respond at all? After what time?

They did respond, took longer then usual at first with a warranty solution that included me paying for the shipping. After I voiced my disappointment with a product I had problems with within 30 days they paid shipping. They still have not resolved the technical defect with all of the V3 ZEN20.

Up until that point in time, they were extremely fast to respond, extremely helpful, etc…

Just looked up the correspondence…

My Initial Problem: 9/2/22
My Hardware Failure: 10/25/22
Their 1st Responce: 10/25/22 Great!
Their 2nd Response: 10/29/22 OK!
Their 3rd Response: 11/02/22 OK!
Their 4th Response: 11/22/22 Not So Good

Received a replacement sometime in December.

What was normally very quick and easy exchange in the past, was now a struggle to get things moving, and seemed like delay tactics IMO.

That sounds “promising”
I might need to dump all ZEN 71, 76 and 77s and replace them with Enbrighten or UltraPro devices.
Support is no-existent and it looks like Zooz is about going down the drain. If they would at least respond stating that they received the ticket and that there will be delays… but nothing.
I love the features, I hate the unreliability of Zooz. Service was great… in the past

I have a bad Zen71 switch. Early this morning I sent an email asking for support; had a response in less than 4 hours. They want me to troubleshoot a few things first, which is reasonable… but the response was fast.

Hopefully your experience was an anomaly. I’ve been happy with Zooz so far; I’m fully bought into them, so would hate to have to swap brands. Fingers crossed!

Thank you. That is weird.
Did you use their std. Email [email protected]?
What region are you in?

I used the website contact form. I’m in the U.S., central time zone.