Zooz Z-Wave Dimmer Switch - Constantly unavailable, wakes on ping?

I have one Zooz dimmer, one Zooz on/off switch, and a bunch of Inovelli ZW switches. The two Zooz are ~3ft away from each other. In all my years, my Inovellis have been flawless. Since installation, the on/off Zooz has been flawless. But the dimmer becomes unavailable about once every week!

Opening up Z-Wave JS UI and pinging it makes it wake up immediately, and everything is fine again.

What should I do? Is it defective? Do I need to write an automation to ping it when it becomes unavailable? Is my ZW network buggy?

I have many Zooz switches and also a few Inovelli switches. Personally I have had more issues with Inovelli devices than with Zooz.
However, from time to time, I have non-responding Zwave devices that need to be pinged. I created an automation that pings those devices every 30 minutes. Whenever a Zwave device needs to be pinged, I add it to the Automation.

If you have access to your log file you can open it with notepad then press Ctrl+F to search for events the contain the word dead in them. Most of the time the device is not actually dead, the controller just marked the device as dead for whatever reason.