Zooz Zen Switch Scene Automations

This is a blueprint for simplifying the configuration of Scenes if you are using the Zooz Zen21 (and probably other Zooz models).

All credit goes to troy, whose template I took inspiration from - OZW - Aeotec ZWA003 NanoMote Quad - Blueprints Exchange - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

The Zooz Zen21 has 14 scene options:

  • (5x) Press Up Button
  • (5x) Press Down Button
  • Hold Up Button
  • Hold Down Button
  • Release Up Button
  • Release Down Button

This used to mean that you may need up to 14 automations to trigger an event for each. To simplify things, I made a blueprint that gives you the ability to assign an action to each of the 14 scenes.

I have made 2 blueprints available:

  1. Zooz Zen Template - This is the bare template that you can use to create your own actions for all 14 scene options. You may also take this and build on top of my work.
  2. Zen Lighting Control - This is my personal blueprint that I use. I will provide more details below.

Zen Lighting Control
I use many Zen21 switches to control overhead smart bulbs. The switches have the relay disabled, and my bulbs are grouped to make it easier to control them. Each switch controls one group of lights, but any single switch can also turn off all of the switches at once.

  • Includes all templated Scene Options, except some common functions are set to provide standard actions

  • Press Up 1x to turn a target device on. If the device is already on, raise the brightness by 10%

  • Press Up 2x to set the target device to 100% brightness

  • Press Down 1x to turn a target device off. If the device is already off, set the brightness to 10%

  • Press Down 2x to turn off all lights (note - requires light group)

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This is great, thank you for sharing.

I’m trying to get this configured with some 700 series Zooz zwave dimmer switches and hue bulbs, but haven’t figured out how to make it work quite yet. I’ve disabled the relay (configuration parameter 15 now is set to 0) and imported the blue print. If I toggle the zwave switch in Home Assistant, the Hue lights go on or off pending on the toggle direction. But if I hit the physical switch, nothing happens.

Any ideas or pointers? Or would you be willing to share a screenshot of how you have this configured in your system?

Are you using zwavejs? If so, make sure you have the zwavejs blueprint

homeassistant/zooz_zen_blueprint_template_zwave_js.yaml at main · willheineman/homeassistant (github.com)

Here is how my switch is configured

Thanks for this!

I’m using zwavejs2mqtt, so I just tried your new blueprint and it seems to work for controlling my hue light from the physical switch.

Took a moment to figure out the control schema as I was expecting more like a traditional dimmer (note, I’m using a Zen 72 for this test). I did notice one aspect that did not work as described in the blueprint header text:

“Create automations for the Zooz Zen21 updated for zwave_js. Up 1x and 2x presses have been set to control the target device and cannot be set to custom actions. Single press will toggle on and off. A single press down, while the device is off will set the target to 20% brightness. A double press up will set the target to 100% brightness.”
^^^for this last sentence, I get 100% brightness when I do double adouble press DOWN while the device is off, not up. Should it work up or should the blueprint text be updated to down?

Your logic for control in the blueprint makes perfect sense and appears to work well, however I’m not sure it’ll work with my family, so I’m now on a mission to see if it’s possible to configure the following:

  • Up 1x = on at last brightness
  • Up 2x = 100%
  • Up Hold = increase brightness
  • Down 1x = off
  • Down Hold = decrease brightness

In the meantime, how do you manage the light(s) from the HA UI? It seems like if I toggle the actual zwave switch entity from HA, it cuts power completely to the hue lights and does not simulate a button press. Do you just hide it from UI and map the hue bulb(s)? Trying to understand the best path to treat this configuration as if it were a normal zwave switch. Thanks again!

I will take a look at this later tonight, and see if I can make a custom version of my blueprint that does what you’re looking for.

One suggestion though. Each paddle direction has three actions press, hold, release. Assuming that your switch is a toggle, and not a dimmer, the hold action would raise the brightness by a set percentage. You would then have to hold again to raise it by that percentage until you reach your goal. It may be possible to continue to increase the brightness until the release action is triggered. But I have not looked into this.

How do you control your Zooz switcheswith Smart Bulbs via the Home Assistant UI? Do you just expose the smart bulb directly as the entity instead of the switch itself?

Oh wow, that’s really nice of you to look into modifying your blueprint. Please don’t go too far out of your way! Super appreciative though…still learning my way through. Will be looking into how to customize blueprints…just trying to get this situated in a new home so that my family can use it (as they’d expect).

My ZEN 72s are Dimmers, not On/Off switches. It’s the 700 series version of the ZEN 22s.

Holding to dim is honestly less important for how I’d like to set it up as it’s really having up be on (or brighter) and down be off (or lighter).

Any pointers for how I can adjust the on/off direction to act more like a traditional switch, yet still use this blueprint?

Also, I think my previous statement about what I’m seeing for down is due to the fact I’m using ZEN72s…per another thread, I see that Scene 1 and 2 are switched on these newer models and Zooz may need to provide a firmware update. Will strikethrough my previous comments to minimize confusion.

Thanks for the blueprint, really useful baseline. I’ve got a few ZEN71 's and a few ZEN26 's controlling normal lights and zigbee bulbs. My Zigbee network needs some work apparently, since the zwave stuff is instant and the zigbee stuff gets lost if I do too much at once.
As an FYI, for some reason the ZEN71 needed to be flipped in the blueprint as it was acting opposite as expected, I tried flipping the switch in the zwavejs device config but swapping the scene conditions on the blueprint worked.

Seems like there is some discussion of the scene flipping in Zooz ZEN27

Thanks again

Yeah, that was me. As I posted in the other thread, Zooz will send you corrected firmware if you ask, or you can just flip the scenes in the blueprint like I did.

Maybe a more general question, I have one Zen21 switch, that says Zen21 on the info in ZwaveJS but the blueprint doesn’t find any compatible devices.

Thanks, Ed

Did you ever solve this? I am having the same problem. I have about a dozen ZEN21 switches running firmware 4.0.0 or 4.0.1. According to How to Access the Advanced Settings for My ZEN21 On/Off Switch On Home Assistant - Zooz Support Center, they need an XML file to support scenes. However, the link to the Home Assistant Device Specific database on that website no longer works and I cannot find its new location.