zooZ Zen16 Relay reporting state through Smartthings to Home Assistant

Hi Peeps,
My general setup is that all my Z-wave devices run through my Smartthings hub and then my ST hub is integrated to my Home Assistant. I do this because ST integration with Amazon Alexa is Free and HA Cloud is not. I have had lots of Z-wave light switches that all report their state to HA without any issues. I recently setup a zooZ Zen16 relay that does not report it’s state to HA :frowning:

I can create a switch in HA and it works just fine to turn the relay on/off. If I turn the relay on via ST, it reports state to my Alexa app and visa versa. All of this works great except the state is never reported to HA. Any ideas what I can do to change this or troubleshoot?

For Reference:
zooZ Zen16 relay
zooZ Smartthings Device hander code

Thanks in advance